1:1 Virtual Training Sessions for Pre and Postnatal Women

Custom training programs to aid in birth preparation and postpartum recovery

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Why Virtual Training?

Since 2020 we’ve been working diligently to improve our client’s lives through fitness and nutrition. We strive to help each individual reach their fullest potential!

1:1 Sessions

In-person coaching at the gym with a customized workout plan.

Virtual Training

Virtual sessions with a fully customized workout plan.​

Pre and Postnatal

Preparing women for a smoother transition into motherhood.

Mindset & Lifestlye

Fitness coaching to help you sustain healthy habits.

Zack + Jenna Breznau

What Clients Are Saying

“I started training with Jenna when I was 7 months postpartum with my third baby. I was out of shape and nervous to get started, but I am SO glad I did.

Jenna met me exactly where I was and ramped up the workouts as I became stronger and more fit. I got back to the size I was before my first pregnancy within 3 months, and I feel much more energetic and strong.

She is so easy to work with, professional, and knowledgeable in her field; I highly recommend her!!!”

Sarah W.

Postpartum training

“Jenna is so personable. And it honestly does not feel like you’re working out. That is because she engages with you the whole time and your laughing and joking while she’s getting to know you. She incrementally increases the difficulty of the exercises each week and you don’t even realize how strong are becoming.”






Ruth A.

Perinatal training

“Jenna was an answer to my prayers! I was 3 months postpartum and desperate to become physically active again…

Unbeknownst to me, I had major pelvic floor and core issues that needed addressing. Jenna met me where I was and provided the perfect amount of challenge each session…

Our sessions together complemented my pelvic floor PT work and I am so grateful I took the initiative to get help! I can sneeze & run with confidence now!”

Megan G.

Postpartum training

Ready for a Strong Motherhood?

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My Training Services

I provide 1:1 virtual training sessions that flow with your pregnancy, and needs as a postpartum mom

Virtual Training


Pre and Postnatal