Beginner clients and how to start their training off. Many people, when they first start working out have dreams and goals of what they want to look like and how fast they want to achieve it. It can be very exciting at the beginning because it is something new and fun and you have a lot of motivation at the start. They start working out for the first month, and yes they start to see changes in themselves and are feeling better. But then a plateau hits and suddenly, everything that was so exciting starts to wear on them and they don’t want to workout anymore, or they aren’t seeing anymore changes. This is why you must use what is called periodization. Periodization is switching up your workout schedule and cycling throughout different phases to give your body new challenges and to keep the workout fresh and exciting. This is one of the tools that we would use with you to help with your workout regimen and keep you on track.

Zack Breznau

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